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MARKET CLOSE  4:00 PM 8/14/00:
The afternoon saw what looked like a boring, go-nowhere sort of day turn into an impressive run for the markets. The Dow and the Nasdaq straddled the breakeven point throughout the morning, but took off in the afternoon. The Dow moved first, powering up triple-digits and closing with a gain of 148. The Nasdaq went along for the ride and finished the day as the big gainer, up 60 points, almost 1.6%. (source: Washington Post) Full Story
COMMENTARY  5:00 PM 8/14/00:
Is B2B back? At the very least, the market has picked a player it likes. Investors have clearly singled out Ariba as the One in the B2B software area. Its stock is up more than 150% since the Nasdaq hit its low point for the year on May 23, and it's up 17% since the beginning of the month. But, is there really only going to be one winner in this sector? (source: Red Herring) Full Story
COMMENTARY  5:00 PM 8/14/00:
Is there a stealth bull in the markets these days? (source: MarketWatch) Full Story
EARNINGS  4:00 PM 8/14/00:
Toys R Us, the largest U.S. toy retailing chain, on Monday said second-quarter profits fell about 75% from a year earlier, dragged down by the company�s struggling online business. (source: MSNBC) Full Story
COMPANY  4:00 PM 8/14/00:
Linux distributor Red Hat nnounced today it will acquire C2Net Software Inc., a developer of the Stronghold secure Web server, for about $42 million. The deal gives Red Hat a foothold in the secure Web server market, of which Stronghold claims about a 30% share. (source: Upside) Full Story
ANALYSIS  2:15 PM 8/14/00:
Is what's happening to Net ads is fundamentally similar, despite the leaps in technology, to what happened several years ago with print ads? (source: TheStandard) Full Story
COMMENTARY  2:15 PM 8/14/00:
Some people are claiming that Regulation FD is going to hurt individual investors, not help them. This columnist takes a sarcastic look at that position. (source: Upside) Full Story
COMPANY  1:00 PM 8/14/00:
Behind last week's largely ceremonial shift in Computer Associates's top ranks, dramatic changes are afoot that will leave the world's No. 3 software maker more nimble-and less predatory. (source: ZDnet) Full Story
COMPANY  1:00 PM 8/14/00:
Agilent Technologies said Monday it will trim its health-care division work force by 450 jobs in a move that is expected to save the beleaguered firm as much as $80 million. (source: CNNfn) Full Story
ECONOMY  11:15 AM 8/14/00:
A serious economic chill is blowing toward consumers this coming winter: Higher natural-gas prices could boost heating bills more than 50% as a result of a precarious supply situation, raging consumption and several years of lackluster North American production. (source: MSNBC) Full Story
COMPANY  11:15 AM 8/14/00:
Beleaguered online retailer Value America said it has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and shut down its Internet retail operations, laying off 185 people, or about 46% of its work force. (source: ZDnet) Full Story
COMPANY  9:30 AM 8/14/00:
Aiming to expand its Internet backbone, semiconductor maker Broadcom Communications said Monday it will acquire privately-held optical communications chip maker NewPort Communications, for roughly $1.24 billion in stock. (source: CNNfn) Full Story
COMPANY  9:30 AM 8/14/00:
Chiron said it agreed to buy PathoGenesis for about $700 million in cash. Under the terms of the agreement, a subsidiary of Chiron will make an all-cash tender offer for all the outstanding shares of PathoGenesis for $38.50 each, representing an 18% premium to PathoGenesis' Friday closing price of 32 3/4. (source: MarketWatch) Full Story
COMPANY  8:45 AM 8/14/00:
News Corp., the Australian owner of the Fox network, agreed Monday to pay $5.4 billion in cash and stock for Chris-Craft Industries Inc. and the 10 television stations it owns. (source: CNNfn) Full Story
COMPANY  8:45 AM 8/14/00:
Thousands of technicians and operators for Verizon Communications entered their second week on strike yesterday, as the unions decide to reject the latest Verizon contract offer. The strike continues to affect 25 million consumers. (source: Washington Post) Full Story
COMPANY  5:30 PM 8/11/00:
In the tech world, the semiconductor industry is the granddaddy of all technology. But, despite reams of positive data surrounding the semiconductor market, chip stocks continue to be among the most petulant on the market, falling on even the most insignificant data. (source: Red Herring) Full Story
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